Need to cut expenses? Consider reviewing your company’s energy costs and taking a good Energy Conservation Training Course Online. If your monthly energy expenses are over $1000 per month, then the key members of your staff should be formally trained in Energy Conservation . Taking a good Energy Conservation Training Course Online costs very little and creates immediate savings. The more you spend on fuel and electricity every month then the more valuable a good Energy Conservation Training Course is to you and your bottom line. It’s not uncommon for companies to see savings of five percent or more by simply changing habits in the company’s culture. For most small to mid-sized manufacturing operations that can easily equate to $500, plus, per month in savings. Not for just one month, but for ALL months following, that could be $6000 per year, year after year, for a small company. These savings go on as long as the implemented changes stay in place, and it’s easy to do.

But the real savings come in with small investments to make a few logical changes that typically pay themselves off in a year or two, leaving the lion’s share of the savings to accumulate year after year after year. And you don’t have to install costly high-maintenance wind turbines and solar panels to meet these goals. In our modern day “ Green ” culture, we are often misled by pop-conservation idealists. pushing Green this and Green that. In truth, there is nothing wrong with the notion of pop-culture-green energy, but in reality, there is little “Green” about it. Solar and wind energies have their place, for sure, but our current methods of power generation are really quite good and efficient and don’t need to be built because they already exist. The real key is to first reduce our energy demand so that we simply are not using as much energy, after all the Greenest energy is energy that is NOT used . You can’t beat that for efficiency.

If that electron doesn’t have to be produced and shoved through a hundred miles of power line, then a lot of energy has been saved! If the entire country pulled together to increase green energy, and we doubled our country’s electricity output capabilities we would not really have doubled our output with green energies. Why is this you ask… It’s because, while we can calculate the energy a wind turbine will produce and the kilowatts of solar arrays, the truth is that those generation methods only produce a fraction of their output capabilities… why? Because the sun doesn’t shine at night or when its cloudy, and the wind doesn’t blow at the required speeds needed for 24/7 output on wind turbines. On top of all that, if these methods are at peak output, when the demand is low, it messes with the current system causing the current system to have modulate to accommodate the erratic unpredictable output of these “ Green Energies .” This means that we would have to double or triple, or, depending upon the location, even increase the size of the arrays by a factor of four or more to hypothetically double our country’s energy output in any practical manner—and that’s only taking electricity into consideration.

Now let’s consider Energy Reduction Techniques. You can quickly learn all you need to know by taking an Energy Conservation Training Course Online. If the entire country got educated and we reduced the country’s energy output by, say, ten percent, then we have done this across the entire energy spectrum, not just with electricity. And in doing so we have increased the nation’s available unused output and we are increasing our energy supply forecasts with our existing power plants. And it’s all done for the price of a few courses in industrial and commercial energy education.

Companies that have their key staff enroll in a good Energy Conservation Training Course Online save 10%, 20%, and 30% or more depending upon the company’s current Energy Management practices . But as our cultural habit would have it, we typically don’t realize that our energy consumption is alterable. Too often we just accept that “our company’s energy bill is our or company’s energy bill and that’s that!” We are stuck with five or ten thousand dollars per month or more—end of story. But nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, your company’s energy consumption is actually one of the few things that you can easily control in business! If employees get sick, then you have to live with it. If a shipment doesn’t make it out on time because too many people called in sick, you have to suck it up and explain it to your customers. If a supplier screws up and an incoming order is late or wrong, you deal with it as best you can. You cannot control these things, but you can control your energy! Let’s say your energy expenses are around $9000 per month. Now Let’s say that, through a few wise moves, you can reduce that by 15% every month. Big deal, right? Well if someone offered you $1350 extra in your paycheck EVERY MONTH, would you accept it? Suspected as much!

An Energy Conservation Training Course Online will save you untold amounts of money for very little expense . And, unlike solar panels and wind turbines, you don’t have to repair energy that is never used , plus, the savings go on 24/7 year after year after year…

Don't forget to check your Sales to Energy Ratio! . A great SER can save you more than you would expect.
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‣ Every residential, commercial, and industrial facility uses power!
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Heating, cooling, lighting, machinery, transportation... The list goes on and on. It was only recently that businesses came to realize that the consumption and cost of energy can be managed and dramatically reduced in almost every case.
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‣ Over the last several decades we have watched energy consumption climb.
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Demand has grown as population has increased and new economies emerged and prospered. This escalation of demand came with a recognition that traditional sources of power are finite.
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‣ Greater demand has also created new industries, strategies, and efficient technologies.
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This in turn produced new jobs as alternate and renewable power sources became commercially available.
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‣ Add to the growing demand, the consequences of increased energy consumption and carbon emissions.
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Our climate has become a worldwide concern. Globally, governments are alarmed and media attention has intensified and become relentless.
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‣ It is clear that while every country, company, organization, and individual is using energy, they all want to use less.
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It's obvious that the field of energy management is wide open to anyone interested in starting a new career or adding to their existing skill set.
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‣ The need for energy management and efficiency professionals is exploding!
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Whether you are looking for a new career in Energy Management or just to differentiate your résumé as a Certified Energy Efficiency Professional (CEEP®), Master’s Academy can provide the training needed to set you on the right path.
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If you are looking to start a sustainability program or reduce energy costs for your company, Masters' Academy can lend a hand. We offer a free mentoring program designed to get you on track, the right track, right from the beginning!
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